“MOTIVATIONAL SESSION for std. III in Mithi Gobindram Public School”
25-Jun- 2018

Date : 25.06.2018

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IN Mithi Gobindram Public School”

      A motivational session was held on 25th June 2018 in NHLPS Auditorium in the righteous presence of Rev. Siddh Bhauji, Principal MGPS Dr. Ajaykant Sharma, Coordinator Mrs. Mini Nair and the students of Std. III.


      After the lighting of ceremonial lamp and garlanding the portraits of Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Bharti and His Holiness Sant Hirdaram Sahibji, the session began.


      Rev. Siddh Bhauji started the session with his blissful words. He emphasized on taking seasonal fruits instead of junk-food. Street food should be completely avoided as it is unhygienic and causes several diseases.  Students were told to avoid watching television & using mobile while having food. Water should not be consumed immediately after having food.

      He also emphasized on being sensitive towards animals by avoiding non-vegetarian food. Participation in sports is important for every student to keep themselves fit and healthy.


      Principal Dr. Ajaykant Sharma welcomed the students and teachers, he spoke on taking healthy food which in turn gives a healthy mind. He gave an assignment to the students, where students need to make a note of all the valuable suggestions given in the session for the presentation in assembly after three days and then the best speech will be awarded by Rev. Bhauji.   


      Coordinator Mrs. Mini Nair talked about the importance of parents in  student's life and motivated them to inculcate good habits such as obeying the parents, touching their feet and giving food to birds in the morning. These habits will help them become humble, helpful and sensitive towards others.


      At the end Master Priyam Makhija & Master Aditya Pandey, students of Std.III proposed the vote of thanks. A successful compering was done by Mrs. Nisha Singh.

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