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It is my personal experience that reading habit is the soul of learning. Books are silent teachers that provide butter of information skimmed from rich experience & yawning thoughts. New generation is equipped with more comfortable learning tools viz. different forms of audio visual systems, internet & television being the most popular among them, where least efforts are required to assimilate readymade knowledge. As computers could not replace teachers, internet & television cannot replace books. Book reading is therefore indispensable for learners. Books are the unsurpassed friends of human beings. They not only provide knowledge but also embed, silently in readers, several life skills like courage, concentration, self-control, self-confidence, determination, and capacity to bear tensions, face adverse circumstances & remain calm & happy. This helps even in eliminating chances of suicides at failures. Reading helps students to face competitions successfully as it provides knowledge in all depth & dimensions. Most of the great leaders of the world had good reading habit. Abraham Lincolns reading capacity is exemplary. Experiments & researches have revealed that a year old child who was given a word book to play & turn pages frequently was more comfortable at reading, when grew up. Therefore, educators & mentors at early age of children must facilitate reading. Educators have recommended reading at pre-primary & primary level & silent reading after primary education. Understanding the importance of reading lets join hands & make efforts to develop reading habits among children at home & at school and watch them groom. 

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