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Education is the manifestation of the genius already present in an individual. The purpose of educational institutions is to bring out that 'genius', polish and re-polish it and groom it just like a diamond. The institution that is qualitatively very strong, plays a vital role in this direction. In today's world, TOTAL QUALITY PERSON is needed which can be achieved through TOTAL QUALITY EDUCATION. 

Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahib, loved and revered with unbridled adulation by his devotees in India and abroad, had been of the firm view that providing right form of education in a pious atmosphere would mould the young mind in such a way that one emerges out as a successful, generous & kind hearted and noble citizen armed with a broad perspective and ready to steer the nation to the newer heights, as super power. According to H.H. Santji,

The old, the infirm & the Children 
Are all forms of God,
Serve them with heart & soul
And win laurels of the Lord.

The philosophy and the ideals of His Holiness Santji, during his life time, and now onwards, are being carried out further, in letter and spirit, by his staunch disciple and successor, Rev. Sidh Bhauji, who is also the President of Shaheed Hemu Kalani Educational Society, a hallmark in the field of education.

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"To provide integrated, progressive and 

didactic education via learner oriented pedagogy, 

ensuring ethical relativism, diligence and 

instituting prospective

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