22-Sep- 2017




On 21st September 2017, 112th birth anniversary of His Holiness Sant Hirdaram Sahibji was propitiously celebrated in Mithi Gobindram Public School campus. A mesmerizing memorable programme was organized in the pious presence of Rev. Siddh Bhauji, Chairman, SHKES, Shri Ghanshyam Bulchandani Secretary SHKES, Dr. Ajay Kant Sharma, Principal MGPS, Mrs. Swati Rahatekar, Vice Principal, MGPS, Co-coordinators, staff and students. The programme commenced with the lighting of ceremonial lamp and garlanding the magnificent portrait of Sant Hirdaram Sahibji.

Rev. Siddh Bhauji signified in his message the holy works done by Santji in order to support and ensure the progress of the society. He commemorated, recalled and revised the self-less services of Sant Hirdaram Sahibji. He accentuated the importance of courteous, polite and humble attitude to sustain humane behavior in students, which was the prominent preaching of Sant Ji. He instigated the students to induce good behavior and amiable actions by underlining the negative consequences of harsh and cruel attitude towards the world He also underlined the value of good behavior and respect for elders in his speech, which played a great role in Santji’s life. He advised the students to learn two-things from Santji’s life- to adopt simple attire to control your behavior and to respect elders to be fortunate.

Mr. Ghanshyam Bulchandani, also expressed his good wishes, gratitude and courtesy on this pious occasion and sought the blessings of His Holiness Sant Hirdaram Sahib Ji.

Dr. Ajay Kant Sharma, in his articulation, acquainted the students with the work, deeds, accomplishments and pious services of Sant Hirdaram Sahibji. He requested the students to comprehend and imbibe the good humane, simple philanthropic and loving qualities of Sant Hirdaram Sahibji, to become good and successful human beings. He motivated them to take a nutritive diet every day and necessarily add milk in thier meals. Santji believed that good and healthy food helps to purify soul, apart from energizing body. On the same platform, he informed the students about the safety measures which they have to adopt, while coming to school and going back home. He requested them to be cautious, sensible and instructed them to report any unusual or uncommon behavior or action by the people around them to the school management.

Ms. Ranjeeta Phulwani, in her address to the students explained the importance of good behavior and to value the blissful life citing examples from Sant Ji's Life.

Master Kartik Dalwani and Master. Lavesh Wadhwani recited poems to honor His Holiness, and Master Shourya Jain gave an emotive and inspirational speech in the same regard.

A short cultural Programme was also held. Students added vigor to the aura with their soothing Bhajans, spell binding and energetic dance performances.

The comparing and coordination was successfully done by Ms. Shashi Nath. The Programme came to an end with the singing of National Song.

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