15-Jun- 2018

Date : 15/06/2018

Teachers Orientation Programme (2018-19)

As per the practice and tradition of Shaheed Hemu Kalani Educational Society, every year teachers' training program is organised. This year also the Society organised 8 days capacity building programme for teachers of various schools run under it. The inaugural session on 7th June started with pious blessings of Rev. Siddh Bhauji, President, Shaheed Hemu Kalani Educational Society. He emphasised on being grateful not only towards God but also towards our parents and elders, also the qualities of being sublime and gratitude should be developed in our students to make them worthy citizens, He suggested the teachers to sensitize the students towards the care and survival of different animals and birds living in and around our houses. He specified the wonderful practice of 'Each One Teach One' in which teachers take responsibility to educate the under privileged children.

On 8th June Dr. Rakesh Anand, Director, SHIM, spoke on brand building by educational institution in today's competitive world. He gave numerous suggestions to establish a brand for successful survival in today's world. The day marked another session by Dr. Himanshu Sharma and Dr. Arjun Tewani who raised the issue of heath problem in the present scenario. They suggested useful ways based on naturopathy to deal with these problems. They also advised to have healthy and raw diet as well as to maintain proper functioning of immune system by applying natural remedies.

The orientation of 9th June began with a session on effective classroom management by Dr. Rajesh Kambhayat, Joint Director, PSSCIV. His deliberation  started with the notion of teaching as an Art or Science. Discussing the overview of classroom management, he explained that teachers must not restrict their duties to teaching only, instead they must ensure that all children learn what they teach. In the second half of the session he extra ordinarily discussed on different ways of proper communication skill. He elucidated the four domains of the principles of learning.

The next day training session moved on with four subsequent sessions taken up by Mr. Gopal Girdhani who discussed on education related topics, Mr. Suresh Patwa, AGM, SBI, on different phases of human relationship, Mr. Manish R.K. Jain, Principal, NHLPS, discussed on practical teaching and Dr. Ajay Kant Sharma, Principal, MGPS, on the 'use of teaching aids in the classroom'. The different topics enriched the teachers to use multiple teaching aids and intelligence to incorporate better learning in the days to come.

On 12th June the teachers got benefitted by an outstanding interactive session by Rt. D.S.P., Ms. Rekha Jain, which enhanced teachers' skills to deal with day to day behavioural problems of the students. The next session of the day was conducted on 'Financial literacy and management by Mr. Alok Sharma from Saffron Money who guided the gathering how to manage their hard earned money.

The third day orientation programme on 13th June was conducted by Ms. Jaishri Murthi, HM, VPS, who spoke on 'How to incorporate activities to make teaching learning effective'. She emphasised the use of activity based teaching which ensures leaning process to be more conducive for all age group people.

The next segment of the day was marked by Mr. A. C. Sadhwani, Secretary, SHKES. He widely explained various tips to improve English fluency as the use of language registers one's personality and image. The last segment of the day was marked by an encouraging session conducted by Col. Narayan Parwani ji. He shared his views on how to generate leadership skills and how it can be done successfully by the teachers of all generations. He further discussed on different aspects like attribute expected to educational institutes, do's and dont's, functions of a leader, philosophy and factors influencing leadership etc.

The capacity building programme went ahead on 14 June The day began with an inspiring session by Ms. Bhakti Sharma, Sarpanch, Barkhedi Abdulla, who shared her real life learning, different issues of rural society and the role of different age group people specially teachers' role to meet these challenges to bring rural society at the level of urban society. In the next slot, Ms. Sunila Choubey discussed on classroom management in 21st century.  She focused on various conditions to be taken care of in the present society in order to nurture specific qualities to have better generations. The next speaker of the day Mr. P. Vijay Kumar, a Government employee, enriched the gathering with an extensive knowledge on RTE which was a revolutionary step in the history of modern development which was supported by different revolutions held in world history. He made the concept clear about compulsory education along with its pros and cones.

Ratna Sagar Publication organised an orientation programme on the last day of training session i. e. 15 June 2018 headed by Dr. Asher Jesudoss 'Classroom management.' He stressed upon the major changes which have taken place in the last few decades and how it has affected our classroom teaching and learning. He further added that the progress in technology has reduced the need of human power. Students are more techno savvy than us. So we need to know different intelligence levels of the students and the skills to deal with variety of students and IQs and make teaching learning effective. The students should not only have strong IQ but EQ also. He emphasised on preparing the multitasking students. He further talked about giving back to the society like helping the needy and keeping the water and grains for the birds and animals.

All the eminent guests and speakers were respectfully accorded with shawl and shreephal as a mark of love and gratitude by management members and heads of the institutions.

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