14-Nov- 2018

Date: 14.11.2018


A session on ‘MEATLESS DAY’ was conducted in Navnidh Auditorium for classes V & VI with the blessings of Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahibji and under the guidance and motivation of Rev. Siddh Bhauji along with the presence of Mr. Thawar Varlani, Principal Dr. Ajaykant Sharma, Co- ordinator, Mrs. Mini Nair, teachers and students. Meatless Day is celebrated on the occasion of birthday of Dada Sadhu Vaswani ji to motivate the students and society to be vegetarian.

Dr. Ajaykant Sharma, Principal MGPS, started the session by congratulating students on the occasion of Children day by informing the students that Dada Sadhu Vaswani has started the mission of Meatless Day. He explained that eating vegetarian food is healthier as it contains fibre which gives us energy and power. And this energy and power helps us to grow fast. He further explained that eating non-veg will lead to many harmful diseases like Cancer, Diabetes and it is more costly than vegetables.

Ms. Rani Singh, teacher, MGPS informed students that non-vegetarian food is European culture not Indian. She also explained the story of George Barnad Shah and Gandhi ji to explain the importance of vegetarian food. She also recited the poem- गर्व था भारत भूमि को की महावीर की माता हूँ। शाकाहारी बनो।

The central idea of the poem was TO BE A VEGETARIAN. She explained the vegetarian food is Indian tradition by quoting example of Lord Shri Rama who was on fruits only when he was in exile for 14 years.

Next in series Mrs. Kirti Rajput, teacher, MGPS. She explained how the vegetarian food is Energy giving, Body building and helps to fight with diseases and develop resistance power in us. She ended her guidance by putting more emphasis on values given by rev. Siddh Bhauji by telling students to be friendly with their parents, obeying them doing Aarti in the evening and last but not the least, pleaded to refuse non veg food completely

Brajesh Chourey, teacher, MGPS, showed a presentation to laid more emphasis on vegetarian food. In his presentation, he explained the advantages and dis advantages of vegetarian and non vegetarian food respectively. He ended his presentation by a plea to SAVE ANIMALS WORLDS.

Compering and vote of thanks was given by Ms. Nisha Singh, teacher, MGPS.

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