Guidelines to have eco-friendly Diwali
3-Nov- 2018

Date: 03.11.2018


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Guidelines to have eco-friendly Diwali


A session on ‘observing eco-friendly Diwali’ was conducted in Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Public School Auditorium for VI and VII classes in the pious presence of Rev. Siddh Bhauji, chairman, SHKES, Shri A. C. Sadhwani, Secrtary, SHKES, Principal, teachers & students of Mithi Gobindram Public School.

Our Guide & Motivator of the society, Rev. Siddh Bhauji, Chairman, SHKES, motivated the students to develop sensitivity towards parents, society and the nations also, to be tireless to get success in the life. He also motivated the students to understand the value of parental support and desires from them so that they may lead a successful life. “To be hardworking and honest is the only way to get success in today’s scenario”, he guided them to set their goal, today itself and start working to achieve it and to be careful in the choice of friends, be careful about new fields of career. He also upgraded them with the ways to prepare well for different competitive exams and for that to read a newspaper daily. He also reminded the objectives behind every custom held during the celebration of Diwali. He brought forward the social concern which has to be taken care of while observing this festival. He also suggested to be concentrate and move ahead to work hard for physical health and mental fitness, generate thankfulness for whatever received from others and introspect themselves to get their flaws and be firm to get rid of them.

Shri A. C. Sadhwani ji, Secretary , SHKES, emphasized that the children should not use crackers as it affects the creatures, the harmful gases creates noise pollution and air pollution. He also told us that 82 % of the countries have banned the use of crackers.

Dr. Ajay Kant Sharma, Principal, MGPS, emphasised the students to do ‘Aarti’ daily to generate spiritual touch with Almighty God which will help to lead a safe life. He also guided the students to help their parents in households chaos while they prepare for the occasion, use earthen lamp instead of electric light, refuse the use of whatsapp and facebook and talk to the neighbours and siblings, consume healthy sweets, visit an under privilege family and share sweets and happiness and in the last he appealed to share whatever they learn from such sessions to the rest of society to have safe and happy Diwali. He gave example of the successful career of the pass out students in order to enlighten their path,

Ms. Kirti Rajput, PRT-Hindi, motivated the students to give 100 % result. She emphasised on regular studies and self-studies which is a must for a student to do better. Regularity and punctuality are the most important parts of a student's life. She put forward some good examples related towards success. She told the students to have good friends which always give you positivity rather than taking you to a negative direction.

Ms. Hema Chandnani, PRT-Science, wisely discussed about the harmful effects of the chemicals used in the fire crackers and other drawbacks of the practices applied while celebrating the festivals. She highlighted the deadly effects of the different gases released by cracking the fire crackers. These fire crackers not only release fatal gases but also produce noise pollution which may lead to various health hazards. She also stressed upon the use of five Rs’ that are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, and Refuse. A PPT on Eco Friendly Diwali was shown to the students as in to create awareness among the students and to stop the use of crackers.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Master Dhairya Singh Jadon of Std. VI. Comparing was successfully done by Ms. Jaanvi Santani.   


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