23-Oct- 2018

Date : 23.10.2018




IN Mithi Gobindram Public School”


      A motivational session was organised on 23rd October 2018 in NHLPS Auditorium, for the students of grade V of Mithi Gobindram Public School, in the pious presence of Rev. Siddh Bhauji, Chairman, SHKES, Mr. A.C. Sadhwani, Secretary, SHKES, Dr. Ajay Kant Sharma, Principal, MGPS , Mrs. Mini Nair, Coordinator, MGPS and teachers.

        The session commenced  with lighting of the ceremonial lamp and garlanding the portraits of Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Bharti and Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahibji.

        Rev. Siddh Bhauji started the session by motivating the students for inculcating moral values and following our culture and traditions. He placed due importance on prayer and insisted that the students should take the blessings of their parents, elders and teachers which would bring inner strength and peace. He also emphasized that a successful life is the fruit born on the tree of knowledge. Thus a student must acquire knowledge throughout sincerely.         In his speech he reiterated the importance of healthy diet and maintaining proper hygiene. He quoted that "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body". So healthy and balanced diet should be taken to avoid chronic diseases and to achieve overall health, sense of well-being and strength. Students who participated in the painting competition on "World Sight Day" organised by Sewa Sadan were duly rewarded. Master Atishay Jain of class VIII received a cash prize of Rs.1100/- while other students receive certificate of participation.

        He then underlined the value of self-realization, benefits of getting up early in the morning, being kind and honest to all the living beings by feeding them.  

        Mr. A.C. Sadhwani, Secretary, SHKES addressed students and teachers. Through some excellent examples .He brilliantly explained the importance of foundation in primary classes. He encouraged the students to be more focused towards their studies at this stage of their life. He enunciated the importance and need of spoken English in today's date and age.

        Principal Dr. Ajaykant Sharma greeted the students and teachers and highlighted the benefits of regular studies to ensure success. He insisted on placing due importance on self-discipline, regularity and punctuality. He gave an assignment to the students, where students need to make a note of all the valuable suggestions given in the session for the presentation in assembly after three days and then the best speech will be awarded by Rev. Bhauji.   

        Coordinator Mrs. Mini Nair communicated about being respectful towards parents, elders and teachers. She advised students to develop healthy food habits and to avoid junk-food. She explained that regularity, punctuality, respect for teachers & parents and reliance on self studies are the best elements to combine to ensure a successful student life. She stated that it is important to take care of animals and birds and be sensitive towards the environment.

        Mrs. Nisha Singh made the children aware of their moral and social responsibilities. She stressed on inculcating good habits. She expressed her views on eco-friendly Diwali celebration. Children who celebrated ecofriendly Diwali last year were rewarded in the session by Rev. Siddh Bhauji.

        Discipline was maintained by the Ms. Mohini Sirwani, Mrs. Vandana Shrivastava and    Mr. Bhupesh Pathak.

        Vote of thanks was proposed by Master Aditya Peswani of Std. V-B under the guidance of                  Mrs. Nisha Singh. A successful compering was done by Mrs. Nisha Singh.

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