FORGIVENESS DAY OSERVED IN Mithi Gobindram Public School
1-Aug- 2018

Date : 01.08.2018


 FORGIVENESS DAY OSERVED IN Mithi Gobindram Public School


Mithi Gobindram Public School observed "Forgiveness Day" on 1st August, 2018 in Navnidh Auditorium in the pious presence of Rev. Siddh Bhauji, Chairman, SHKES, Mr. A. C Sadhwani, Secretary, SHKES, Principal Dr. Ajay Kant Sharma, Vice Principal Mrs. Rita Gurbani, MGPS, Co-ordinators, facilitators and students of classes V to VIII. It is celebrated on the occasion of Dada J.P. Vaswani Ji's birthday (2 August).

Rev. Siddh Bhauji in his erudition to students discussed the destructive effects of emotions that overpower us, which are, hatred, ego, vengeance, jealousy and malice. Instead of concentrating on revengeful attitude, we must learn to concentrate on making our future strong. If we have ego we cannot forgive anybody. He reiterated the following points: revengeful nature spoils our physique as well as mind, it doesn’t allow you to enjoy your life, and anger burns a person first, before it burns anyone else. Negativity gets reflected from your face itself. He gave a virtuous mantra to control anger, that whenever one gets angry, he or she before submitting to the negative feeling must remember the sacrifice of their parents, that temporary fury can leave a long-lasting ruthless effect on their lives. He educated the students that forgiveness is the weapon in the hands of a brave and powerful man, it is not the characteristic of a coward or helpless man. The one who has purity at heart can only forgive others. He insisted that if somebody hurts you, have sympathy for him as his behaviour should not affect your life. Smile leaves a magical effect and relives stress, if we forget the negative reaction, we remain healthy and eventually it becomes the source of world peace. At last, he emphasized to have a self-introspection in order to generate the feeling of forgiveness.  

Dr. Ajay Kant Sharma, Principal, MGPS, started his speech with the slogan, "To err is human; to forgive divine". He inspired the students to practice self-control and patience instead of regretting on wrong actions afterwards. He illuminated his point through a beautiful story of transition of anger into admiration. He accentuated that animosity and malice leads to lack of concentration and distraction, it leads to an inner battle and forgiveness is the end to this inner battle. At last, the students took a pledge of inculcating the value of forgiveness in their lives, followed by two a 2-min silence.

 Ms. Rita Gurbani, Vice principal, MGPS, opined impressively that  ßForgiveness is the part of the process of healing and letting go off the past.Þ  She motivated the students that they must release the unhealthy attachment to their previously maintained concerns to how other persons behave.

Ms. Mini Nair, Co-ordinator, MGPS, nicely discussed the ways to forgive and benefits of forgiveness, she asserted that true apologies cannot be conditional. Forgiveness is unconditional. Further she emphasized that one must re-frame his or her life story and find meaning in the broken places, redefine, recreate and restructure one's life.

Mr. Devendra Sharma, Co-ordinator, MGPS, discussed about Dada Vaswani's  mission, his social, educational and scientific contributions to the society, his stance for promoting vegetarianism & his love for animals as well as other creatures of the world. He impressively underlined the side effects of consuming red meat and unmatched benefits of consuming veg-food.

Ms. Shashi Nath, Teacher, MGPS, enunciated the importance of forgiveness. She quoted that," grudges and anger eats you from within. It snatches inner peace, increase insomnia and entangles you in the vicious circle of hatred." Further, she threw light on Dada J.P Vaswani's life.

Mrs. Kirti Rajput, Teacher, MGPS, opined that forgiveness, as we do so in a collective movement, can emanate powerful vibrations that can envelop the world with love and peace which is much needed. She also insisted on students to pardon others as we pardon ourselves without any condition. We never give punishments to ourselves; similarly we should pardon others too.

Master Deepesh Shewaramani, Std VII & Master Vinay Potdar, Std VI proposed vote of thanks and a successful compering was done by Ms. Shashi Nath & Ms. Kirti Rajput.

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